Wine Review : Cuvée Dom Perignon, 1988

We picked up this bottle of 1988 Dom Perignon Brut some time ago, from L’atelier du Champagne in Amsterdam, to drink on my 30th birthday. After a painfully long wait, that day finally came and mid morning we pulled it out of the champagne fridge and placed it into our normal fridge to cool down to the right tempreture.

I must say, the bottle had been stored pretty all these years, with only minor damage to the foil casing & wire cage topper and some slight aging on the label. The fill level was practically perfect. The cork, after being pulled remained small but was still in great shape.

Now, to the taste !

This,… this is the kind of champagne I have been waiting for, for awhile. One that allows you to taste almost the entire spectrum of the champagne grapes flavour profiles.

The bottle opened with ease and a very gentle pop. It opened up immediatly with lots of dried stone fruit on the nose, with an incredible deep gold colour and tiny bubbles. Tastes of yellow fruits, wild berries, both young and old, fresh and stewed. Also coffee, toffee, honey, & ginger bread all come to mind. What a journey! In an instant.. my glass is empty and soon the bottle.

Dom88 1 (2).jpg

It was incredibly easy to drink. I really thought it would be the type of bottle we would sit with for an evening. No chance. If there weren’t so many other bottles we still need to try, I’d gladly spend the money again.

We also have a 1989 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Grande Dame which we will be popping around this time next year !

This bottle is also available online with delivery in The Netherlands.