What we drank this week 2!

Last week and over the long Easter weekend we drank some cracking wines covering almost the whole wine rainbow; orange, white, sparkling, rosé and ruby red. Check our notes below and info on where you can pick up a bottle (Or a case!)

Meinklang Graupert 2015

A stunningly good natural wine from a biodynamic wine farm from Austria. Made with finesse, this is an orange wine for those who shy away from the ideas of funky barn yard natural wines. The wine has such a deliciously trendy copper tone colour it looked as if we had picked it up the upcycling vintage store. Available from Daxivin.

Valentin Valles Goëland 2016

We have tried most of Valentin Valles’ range of natural wines, after loving them all at a tasting event that we visited. We also had the chance to meet him and chat about his creations as well. His personality and style of wine is very much like his bright, curious and quirky labels. Sadly however 2 of 4 bottles we came away with were oxidized and the third was just on the edge. So we opened this last bottle without much hope but were very happily surprised ! At last, we could still taste the grapes! And boy were they good. Based on reviews of his other wines we tried, it seems there’s a 50/50 split, those who loved them or those who also thought they were apple cider. We don’t mean to discourage you at all from foraying into the world of natural wine – but we do all have to understand that they are natural products, made without corrective and preservative additives. Available from Daxivin.

Bio Mavrud & Rubin 2015

A surprise find in the supermarket, went for potatoes came back with wine…….and if you are wondering, I didn’t forget the potatoes. We are both fans of Mavrud, a lesser known grape from the Thracian valley in Bulgaria; paired on this occasion with another Thracian gem, the Rubin which is a cross of Nebbiolo and Syrah. As you can imagine, punchy! Straight out the bottle this is a very aggressive wine, and needs time to calm its temper. Give it a time out, allow it to breathe and it will calm right down. Ares is still our number 1, but this is a nice second. Available from Albert Heijn.

Mestres Visol Gran Reserva Brut Cava 2010

We’ve written in more detail on Cava before and as we noted, most Cava is fairly young aged for only 9 months normally and meant to be young and zesty – but more mature Cavas do exist, such as the Gran Reserva from 2010. We actually picked up this bottle in Barcelona airport on our flight back to Amsterdam as we thought, we just have to bring a bottle back with us and we didn’t have any bags checked! Didn’t expect the wine to be as rough as it was, given its age – but it sure was an interesting comparison to our usual Champagne.

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