What we drank this week

Spring is almost here and despite a second unexpected, below zero weekend we’re warming up to fresher wines! This week we tried a Vermentino from Piero Mancini from Sardegna, Italy. We picked it from up Grapedistrict. Notes below;

Pinot noir is extremely versatile and could suit almost all seasons. Some are light and delicate, some go on to become Champagne and others are smokey and full of forest touches. We picked up this excellent bottle from Gall and Gall, which comes from the Western Cape of South Africa.

As you may know from our previous articles, on weekends, there’s a very large chance we’re going to be opening a bottle of something bubbly! We picked up this Lanson Brut Champagne surprisingly from our local super market for a steal! If you, like us have delved into the world of vintage champagne and have came to love the deep, rich flavors that come along with it, sometimes an entry level non vintage bottle can be underwhelming – however this bottle was indeed full of toasty, yeasty & honey notes.

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