House Wine, do you have one?

I didnt realise that having a house wine was a thing until we attended a tasting recently, and the host brought out a wine that he proclaimed to be his house wine. His standard drink at home. Something he always has stock of. The wine he always opens when people drop by. These are typically not the most expensive wines in your collection, but rather something nicely priced that you can easily sit and drink any day of the year.

We decided if we were going to be taken seriously in the world of wine, we needed house wines. Logically, we needed 2, but I think 3 is essential really. Red, White and Sparkling. These are our current selections:

La Jara Prosecco Spumante – These golden straw coloured bubbles are always on hand in our house. White flowers, apple, peach and pear, its like a liquid fruit salad but not one of your 5 a day sadly. Very fresh, slightly acidic and generally very delicious. Serve pretty well chilled. Can easily be drunk alone, as an aperitif or with some delicious smoked chicken, or baked stone fruits with marscapone cream!

Feast Smeili Moschofilero – Greek wine, from the Peloponnese, this is an ultra light summer wine, best served chilled. Slightly greenish tint to it, and citrus driven. Lemons, and lemon blossom dominate but there is also a hint of rose almost like turkish delight. The wine has a pleasant acidity. Easy to drink and well balanced. Great with a simple tomato salad, smothered in salt and olive oil!

Terra Andina Pinot Noir – Chilean wine, this is also best served slightly cold. Shows lots of black fruits, cherries, blackcurrants, with black and green peppercorns and a leathery finish. Perfect with steak on your braai!

So, will you be investing in a few cases of your favourite wine, and re-naming it your house wine? We certainly did, and love having these 3 on standby for whenever it is wine o’clock!