What do Clay, Concrete, Oak & Steel all have in common ?

Well, aside from all being materials of course – they are all used in the production of wine. More specifically, they are all used at some point in the storage and aging of wine.

Its quiet common knowledge that wine is made in either stainless steel or wood barrels (oak in particular). What might be slightly less known is that a large and growing percentage of wines we enjoy today are also stored and aged in either clay or concrete tanks or vats. Before I move on I should also note that they are not discriminate to what type of wine either. Both white & red, cheap & ultra premium wines can be made in a mixture of clay, stainless steel, oak & concrete. Some champagnes for example, famous for secondary fermentation in a bottle are also aged in oak barrels as well as white wine such as the Iron Gate Semillon we wrote about .

Here’s a handy graphic we’ve put together of some of their attributes.

Click the image for a larger version.

Infographic of some different wine making vats – Click to open larger version.

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