Wine Review : Neragora Ares, Bulgaria, 2013

We are always interested in trying wines from the lesser known wine making regions of the world and think everyone should be really. This wine comes the Thracian Valley of Bulgaria and was actually pioneered by an Italian wine maker who successfully transformed an otherwise unused area. The wines are (according to their website) certified organic.

I would highly recommend starting with this wine fairly cold. I took it out of the cooler at about 14 degrees. It was fascinating to taste it at different intervals at it approached ‘room’ temperature. On the nose to start there was sweet tobacco, vanilla and light roasted red meat, all indicators of Merlot and the interesting local variety, Mavrud which is included in this red blend. Very smooth, rounded mouth-feel, low tannin with quiet impressive spicy, black berry flavour going down.

Once warmer and opened for a longer period (about one hour) it becomes a lot meatier with chocolate and winter spices on the nose. You will note higher alcohol and higher tannin too. It still drank incredibly smooth yet, fairly jammy. Now that could be your thing but for that reason i’d recommend not letting this wine go past 18 degrees to be enjoyed best.

Luckily, the wines for now are readily available at Grapedisict stores going for (at time of writing) 9 EURs – which in my opinion is a perfect price for this one – I would highly recommend it.

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