Wine Review : Iron Gate.

I cant begin to explain how we were literally blown off our feet by the flavour explosion that came from Iron Gate wines. It is like nothing you have ever tasted before. It looks like a Spanish Villa when you drive up to it, passing through the namesake iron gates. It is very peaceful and relaxing, and nothing could prepare you for the punch in the face flavours you are about to experience.

Naturally we wanted to taste their wines, so we took a seat at the tasting bar and started with the whites. I am now going to tell you about the only wine that has made my jaw drop to the floor. The 2015 oaked Semillon.


After I picked myself up from the floor, we got down to the real business of smelling and tasting the wine. There were some intense honey aromas, with butterscotch and vanilla to round it off. A sweet wine, but by no means dessert wine sweet. It is a deeply complex in its flavour profile. it is a full bodied wine, exhibiting flavours found in oaked chardonnay but on the sweeter side. Butter, minerals and smokey oak are all present, but you can also find traces of light citrus fruits. As I said, complex!

Semillon is a grape that ages well, and I cant wait to taste the 2015 bottle we brought back with us. It is currently sitting nicely in our wine fridge getting some years behind it.

Iron Gate produces some spectacularly interesting wines, but they are famous for their sweet wines, and have a wide selection from white to red. Deliciously sweet wines with the smell of Christmas, and dark dried fruits. Their most popular? the sweet mandala. It carries hints of apricots, lychees and peaches, and goes great with spicy food, desserts and cheeses. You should try it if you can.

Another wine we tried, the premium shiraz. Not to my taste, but very much enjoyed by Scot. It has savoury notes behind it of black olives, some salinity and liquorice. A great conversation wine, and one you must try.

Iron Gate Estate is something special, and a wonderful experience. We happened across the winemaker who stopped by for a little chat and a tasting. They have 25 acres of vines, Semillon, Verdelho, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cab Sav, which produce world class wines.

If you are ever in the Hunter Valley, I cannot recommend enough for you to stop by and have a taste and a chat. We were blown away.

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